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35 Easy Breakfast Ideas

Looking for some breakfast ideas? Whether it is a busy school morning or a lazy summer one, you can never go wrong by starting the day with a good breakfast!

Easy Breakfast Ideas
Easy Breakfast Ideas

Start the Day with a Powerful and Healthy Breakfast

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it’s easy to get stuck in a breakfast rut. Sometimes you just need a few ideas to get the wheels turning. Here are more than 35 tasty and filling breakfast recipes for you to browse. We are sharing easy breakfast recipes in 6 categories: Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas, Breakfast Sandwiches, Egg Breakfasts, Sweet Breakfasts, Breakfast Breads, and Grab-and-Go Breakfasts. Each recipe is a tried and true family favorite your family will love. In addition, we’ve included a recipe for our hearty Breakfast Quesadillas.

Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas With Only 2 Ingredients

* Instant Pot Oatmeal
* Avocado Toast
* Scrambled Eggs
* Yogurt with Fruit

When you need to come up with something quick, these two-ingredients breakfast ideas are lifesavers! Keeping some of these ingredients on hand for those mornings that are rushed is always a good idea. It only takes a few minutes to throw these morning meals together, yet they are still filling and will hold you over until lunchtime.

  • Instant Pot Oatmeal. It only takes 2 ingredients and 3 minutes to feed the whole family nutritious and filling old-fashioned oatmeal.
  • Avocado Toast. This healthy toast will keep you full until lunch. Of course, you can add an egg for an extra protein kick.
  • Scrambled Eggs. Whisk eggs with a little milk and fry them up in a skillet. For an extra delicious scrambled egg dish, try our French-style Scrambled Eggs.
  • Yogurt with Fruit or Granola. Use Greek yogurt for extra protein with your favorite berries (raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry) sliced bananas, or peaches. For a little crunch, add some granola or nuts.
  • Toad in the Whole. This is a fun way to cook and to eat toast with an egg. Cut a small circle in the center of a piece of bread, butter on both sides, then place it in a small skillet. Crack an egg into the hole. The bread is toasted and the egg is cooked all at once.
  • Cottage Cheese with Fruit. Top a bowl of cottage cheese with sliced peaches, pears, pineapple, berries for a quick and refreshing breakfast.
  • Bagel and Cream Cheese. With so many bagel and cream cheese options, you can mix and match flavors every morning for a month! One of our favorites is an everything bagel that is toasted and topped with whipped cream cheese.
  • Bananas and Peanut Butter (or Nutella). Place 1 tablespoon of peanut butter in a small bowl and use it as a dip for banana or apple slices for a fast breakfast. Crunchy peanut butter or Nutella are also delicious.

Breakfast Sandwiches and Toast

* Copycat Egg McMuffin
* Avocado Toast with Egg
* Breakfast Hand Pies
* Light Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches

Breakfast sandwiches may be one of the best breakfast ideas out there! They are hearty and easy to eat, especially for kids. There are so many delicious toppings to choose from, and as a result, the possibilities are endless. All of your favorite breakfast foods can be piled onto an English muffin, whole wheat toast, croissants, or baked in a pastry shell. Breakfast sandwiches can be eaten alone, however adding some fruit on the side instantly creates a nice, sit-down morning meal or brunch.

  • Egg McMuffin (copycat recipe). Our version of an Egg McMuffin from McDonald’s restaurant is more customizable, less expensive, and we have to say, it tastes better.
  • Avocado Toast with Egg. Add an egg and tomato to avocado toast for an enhanced avocado toast experience. We also like to add some Everything Bagel Seasoning from Trader Joe’s.
  • Breakfast Hand Pies. These rich pastries filled with eggs, ham, and cheese are baked in the oven. In addition to being a great way to feed a crowd, they are also easy to eat on the run.
  • Light Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches. This lightened-up version of an Egg McMuffin can be made in bulk and then frozen. It’s ideal for busy mornings.
  • Breakfast Croissant Sandwiches. Layer a fried egg with sausage or bacon on a flaky croissant for an appetizing and hearty breakfast. Don’t forget a slice of cheese for added yum!

Healthy Breakfasts with Eggs

* Breakfast Quesadillas
* Chilaquiles
* Breakfast Burrito
* Shakshuka

You just can’t go wrong with serving eggs for breakfast. Eggs are low-carb, yet high in protein which sustains energy throughout the day. Furthermore, they are loaded with nutrients like vitamin D, folate, riboflavin, and selenium. Eggs are also versatile and can be combined with a wide variety of ingredients to make a protein-packed meal. Serve with a side of hash browns or toast for a hearty morning meal.

Switch up your rotation by incorporating some breakfast ideas from another country. For instance, try our Chilaquiles recipe from Mexico or Shakshuka, an Israeli dish to add some flavor to the day.

  • * Breakfast Quesadillas (see recipe below). A breakfast quesadilla is similar to a breakfast burrito, however, it is easier to eat and has an added crunch to the outer shell.
  • * Chilaquiles. This popular breakfast enhances fried eggs by adding the flavors of Mexico, specifically fried corn tortillas, green salsa, and cilantro.
  • * Breakfast Burritos. Give the morning some southwest flair. For example, add beans, potatoes or rice, salsa, and guacamole to the basic eggs and cheese filling.
  • * Shakshuka. A savory recipe enjoyed in Israel with poached eggs, a rich tomato sauce, and fresh cilantro.
  • * Omelets. Start with eggs and then add your favorite meats, cheeses, and veggies for a healthy and colorful omelet.
  • * Eggs Benedict. The secret to Eggs Benedict is in the creamy Hollandaise sauce. Although it sounds fancy, our simple recipe helps you make it perfect every time.
  • * Breakfast Casserole. This casserole is ideal for big families or groups. One casserole serves people.
  • * Eggs Over-Easy. This is a popular way to serve eggs. The egg whites are cooked through on both sides, but the yolks stay runny in the center.

Sweet Breakfast Ideas Including Pancakes, Waffles, and French Toast

* French Toast
* Crepes
* Waffles
* Gluten Free Pancakes

A big pancake or waffle breakfast is always a favorite with kids and likewise, adults! Weekends are a great time to pull out the waffle iron or griddle and makeup something special. Some hot maple syrup or flavored syrup, and sprinkled powdered sugar on top are just the ticket for a fun start to the day. Everyone will be asking for seconds when you make up one of these delicious recipes.

  • French Toast. This easy French toast recipe goes back to the basics with simple pantry ingredients. Everyone loves this yummy staple.
  • Crepes. You can fill crepes with just about anything, of course, fresh strawberries are always a favorite. But, you can go with a more savory filling of meats and cheeses.
  • Easy Waffles from Scratch. Made from pantry ingredients, these waffles can be on the table in less than 15 minutes. Make up a bunch and freeze some for later.
  • Gluten-Free Pancakes. Yes, gluten-free pancakes are for real! This recipe is so good, you won’t miss the gluten at all.
  • Pancakes from Scratch. Ditch the bag or box of pancake mix and taste the difference when you make them yourself. You won’t regret it.
  • Banana Pancakes. Cue up your favorite Jack Johnson tune and whip up a batch of these banana pancakes. The bananas caramelize as they cook. They are so sweet and flavorful.
  • Easy Pumpkin Waffles. All of the warm spices of fall are prevalent in these delightful pumpkin waffles. Once autumn arrives, these waffles are a must!

Breakfast Bread, Muffins, and Rolls

* Banana Bread
* Healthy Chocolate Chip Muffins
* Pumpkin Bread – 3 ways
* Cinnamon Rolls

For a taste of homemade goodness in the morning, bread is the way to go. Breakfast bread, muffins, and cinnamon rolls can be made ahead saving time and energy in the mornings. And, to be sure, baked bread just makes you happy. They taste so good. Without a doubt, each bite will put a smile on your face and you know it will be a good day!

  • Banana Bread. Is there anything better than the aroma of banana bread baking in the oven? A slice of this for breakfast, and the day is going to be amazing.
  • Healthy Chocolate Chip Muffins. This is our healthier version of a Costco chocolate muffin. They taste just as good, however, they are more nutritious and have fewer calories.
  • Pumpkin Bread. Our recipe for pumpkin bread can be made with or without chocolate chips. In short, your choice!
  • Healthy Banana Muffins. Despite being low in sugar, these muffins are loaded with taste. A great way to start the morning.
  • Cinnamon Rolls. Homemade cinnamon rolls can be intimidating, but our step-by-step instructions make it so easy. Make a big batch for now and freeze some for later.
  • Bran Muffins. The batter for these muffins lasts for six weeks in the fridge. Make a big batch and you’ll have fresh, warm muffins in a snap. They are low in calories, in fact only 100 calories each.
  • Biscuits and Gravy. Bring classic Southern comfort food to your table easily and quickly. You’ll love the flaky biscuits and homemade sausage gravy.

Grab and Go Breakfast Ideas

* Easy Breakfast Egg Muffins
* Green Smoothie
* Hard Boiled Eggs
* Granola Bars

We included some quick breakfast ideas above with only 2-ingredients. These breakfasts are also quick but require a few more ingredients. Make one of these portable breakfasts and enjoy them on the car ride to school, on the commute to work, or as you watch the soccer game early Saturday morning. They also make great after-school snacks.

  • Easy Breakfast Egg Muffins. Bake these high-protein egg muffins while you are getting ready and then eat them in the car on the way to work, school, or the gym.
  • Green Smoothie. Get your greens in as you start the day with this smoothie. Blend it up the night before and keep it right in the blender jar in the fridge until you are ready to go.
  • Hard-Boiled Eggs. The incredible edible egg does not disappoint. Hard boil a dozen eggs and have them ready to go. Hard-boiled eggs are good for up to a week in the fridge.
  • Granola Bars. No-bake granola bars are a great energy source in the morning. For example, they are loaded with peanut butter, oats, almonds, and apples.
  • Peaches and Cream Oatmeal Smoothie. Have a long commute in the mornings? Sip on this smoothie and at the same time enjoy the benefits of great taste and good nutrition on the ride to work or school.
  • Make-Ahead Breakfast Parfait. These parfaits can be made ahead and kept in the fridge. They are easy to take along as you run out the door in the morning.

Breakfast Quesadillas

In conclusion, here is our promised bonus recipe for our delicious breakfast quesadillas. Much like a breakfast burrito, Breakfast Quesadillas are filled with egg, cheese and your favorite meat. From there, the possibilities are endless. Make it a vegetarian version by adding sauteed red peppers, bell peppers, or onions; or add all that even if you do like meat in your breakfast quesadillas. Unlike breakfast burritos, these are MUCH easier for kids to eat. Whenever my kids attempt breakfast burritos, they always have the eggs spilling out the back, not so with these. Everything stays nice and put. Personally, I like having the little crunch from the crispy shell. It just adds a nice dimension that a breakfast burrito doesn’t provide. Hope your family loves these as much as ours does! Enjoy!

My family LOVES breakfast quesadillas. Much like a breakfast burrito, they are filled with egg, cheese, and your favorite breakfast meat.


  • In a large skillet, scramble the eggs (add salt and pepper to taste).
  • Spray skillet or griddle with cooking spray and heat over medium-high heat. Place one tortilla on the skillet or griddle and heat on one side.
  • When the tortilla is hot, flip and adds half of the cheese.
  • Add scrambled egg and distribute evenly.
  • Sprinkle on remaining cheese and top with remaining tortilla. Cook for about 1 minute or until cheese starts to melt, then CAREFULLY flip (you don't want all the egg falling out).
  • When the cheese is melted and the tortilla is golden brown remove it from the pan. Cut into quarters with a pizza cutter and serve with sour cream and/or salsa.


Calories: 245kcal | Carbohydrates: 16g | Protein: 11g | Fat: 15g | Saturated Fat: 5g | Cholesterol: 178mg | Sodium: 414mg | Potassium: 150mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 1g | Vitamin A: 238IU | Calcium: 56mg | Iron: 2mg

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